10 Ayurvedic tips for a healthy lifestyle

10 Ayurvedic tips for a healthy lifestyle

It is simple to be hale and healthy if you change your lifestyle for the better with Ayurveda. Witness the positive changes in your body and the way it functions with these ten Ayurvedic health tips for a hearty life!

  • Bond with nature

While Ayurveda has hundreds of rules that can improve your life, the first one we recommend is living close to nature. The Ayurvedic system believes that nature is the best healer for different ailments. Ayurveda says that our body functions effectively when the elements pita, kapha, and vayu are in tune with each other. These three are governed by five natural elements: air, water, fire, space, and earth.

How can you bond with nature? You can take a walk early in the morning or explore a scenic place by trekking, hiking, or doing some outdoor activities. Bonding also means maintaining a relationship and caring for and protecting nature. The next time you feel nervous or experience anxiety, try to take a break amidst the lush green world, which will surely ease your stress.

  • Stay well-hydrated

Do not stand while drinking water; instead, sit down. Also, only consume small quantities of water at a time. Inhale slowly while having water. Cold water tampers with the regular blood flow and shuts the heat required to digest food. Hence, avoid consuming cold water and drink warm water or water at room temperature.

Ayurveda also recommends that you consume water between meals and not before or after eating your food. However, this differs if people suffer from various doshas. In that case, consult your doctor. Make sure that there is a balance in water consumption, as you can have it whenever you are thirsty.

  • Cleanse your gut regularly

Numerous toxins end up in various parts of your body due to your body’s daily functions. So, to get rid of these, you can take triphala once a week to be healthy.

  • Sleep before 10. 30 pm

Sleep is the most critical factor which keeps you healthy. No matter what you do to stay fit, you should take a step back and see a doctor if you do not sleep adequately. All the organs in your body can function optimally when you get enough rest.  So, we recommend you sleep for at least seven hours daily and rise early too!

  • Stay fit

Exercise must always be a part of your schedule, even if you think you are healthy. Staying fit not only keeps you in great shape but ensures you keep diseases at bay. Obesity is the primary reason for attracting different dangerous medical conditions, and the risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular issues is higher due to being overweight. Hence, ensure you do not skip your morning or evening walks, yoga, or any form of exercise to keep you physically fit.

  • Be aware of your mental health

While concentrating more on physical fitness, there is often a chance of overlooking your mental health.  Do not ignore your mental well-being at any cost. Try meditation or any other activity that makes you feel happy and peaceful.

Tips for healthy eating habits

The Ayurvedic nutrition system lays down a few rules when it comes to eating food. If you follow these Ayurvedic health tips to the T, it could help you avoid common digestive issues like stomach pain, and acidity, to name a few.

  • Include local and seasonal foods

Ayurvedic practitioners have always insisted on sourcing locally available and seasonal foods. They can nourish you and keep you healthy and fit.

  • Eat three meals a day

You cannot skip meals for any reason, and your body will function properly only when you have three meals a day. Make sure you have breakfast before 9 am, lunch before 1 pm, and dinner before 9 pm. Also, remember that you cannot have spinach and oily items like pooris at night.

  • Do not mix cooked and uncooked food

Never mix cooked and uncooked food, as it confuses your digestive system, which messes your digestion. Enzymes have to double their work to process uncooked food. So, if you plan to have raw vegetables and fruits, eat those separately.

  • Include herbal teas in your diet

Herbal tea is one of the best Ayurvedic products to help you stay in the pink of your health. It is enough if you add herbal teas religiously to your ayurvedic diet! Many such teas act as ayurvedic medicine for digestion problems, induce sleep, and are believed to even regulate irregular periods!

Herbea has an assortment of herbal teas that perform various activities like cooling your body, helping you reduce weight, etc. Start your day with herbal tea and enjoy its numerous health benefits!