How to Make the Perfect
Cup of Herbal Tea at Home

How to make the perfect cup of herbal tea at home 

Enjoying a hot cup of tea with some milk, flavoured with a blend of aromatic spices is a norm in India. Now, you can elevate this daily cup of tea to perfection with the goodness and richness of herbs. Here’s more on how to go about it.

What Makes for a Perfect Cup of Herbal Tea (Ayurvedic Tea)?

A good blend of herbs can enrich the flavour of a regular cup of tea and make for a perfect herbal tea infusion. Considering we live hectic lifestyles and breathe in toxins on a regular basis, consuming herbal tea is an excellent habit to switch to.

It can help keep yourself hydrated while flushing out toxins from your body. You can choose from a wide range of herbal tea flavours like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, chamomile, etc. To make the best Ayurvedic tea quickly and easily, opt for Herbea’s herbal range of teas. The exhaustive herbal teas list includes a wide range of flavours. They can be served hot or cold. If serving cold, use two bags per cup to enhance the flavour profile.

Get access to a whole new world of Ayurvedic herbal tea recipes that you can prepare at home by using the herbs from your garden. Make sure to crush or powder the herbs and spices. Also, look up their benefits before experimenting, and consult a doctor when necessary. Some herbs like ginger, mint, and tulsi have a great cooling effect and are widely used to create a perfect cup of Ayurvedic tea.

Boil the herbs and teas in water to make a great herbal blend. Strain the contents in a cup and serve. You can also add a sweetener for added flavour. To make your life easy, Herbea does all the work for you, so you can enjoy your cup of herbal tea anytime anywhere. All you need is boiling water, and a box of Herbea tea bags. Let the tea bag rest for two to three minutes in hot water, and it’s ready to serve.

The best time to consume it is after meals and during tea time. It can help you satisfy those mid-evening sugar cravings. It’s also a healthy alternative that’s light on your stomach and limits your daily calorie count, helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

Ayurvedic herbs used and their benefits

The most common herbs used to make herbal chai or tea infusions include Ashwagandha, Tulsi (Holy basil), Cardamom, etc.

Here’s looking at each of their benefits:

The most common herbs used to make herbal chai or tea infusions include Ashwagandha, Tulsi (Holy basil), Cardamom, etc.

Here’s looking at each of their benefits:

  • Tulsi

    It’s commonly referred to as the “elixir of life.” It’s also known to have stress-reducing properties. Tulsi is also believed to help promote digestion, boost immunity and regulate blood sugar while improving sleep patterns.

  • Ashwagandha

    This amazing herb is also known as Withania somnifera. This wonderful healing herb can help you manage stress more effectively. It’s also known to improve sleep quality, lower your blood sugar levels, improve memory and promote muscle growth and male fertility.

  • Brahmi

    Brahmi is known as Bacopa monieri. It’s believed to have a potent healing power that can improve brain function and lower inflammation. According to some research it can also help you cope better with stress, helping you focus and relax.

  • Cardamom

    This popular Ayurvedic spice may lower blood pressure and could also help heal stomach ulcers heal. However, more research is required here. Cardamom also is a great mouth freshener that removes bad breath. No wonder it’s often hailed as the Queen of spices.

  • Gotu kola

    The herb of longevity also goes by the name Centella asiatica. The powerful Ayurvedic herb is known to possess some amazing healing powers. It’s believed to help beat stress, anxiety and depression, which is great for your overall mental well-being. It’s also known to boost memory and treat different skin conditions.Hence, Ayurvedic herbs when infused in tea can ensure you enjoy maximum health benefits. These tea blends not only have some amazing healing properties to offer but also elevate the taste of your regular cup of tea.

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