Infusion Variants

Find out the different tea infusion mixes that we have to offer. Each infusion variant is made for a particular health benefit so you get the best of what Ayurveda has to offer.

infusion variants
What are Tea Infusions? 

With the perfect blend of India’s traditional “masala chai” transformed into unique tea infusions, you can now say goodbye to your day-to-day health problems. After all, you deserve the best of health, and Herbea is here to offer you just that! Our team of Ayurveda experts have closely studied infusion of different ingredients and their effects. And after years of research, we have developed various herbal tea infusions that target particular health benefits. Presenting- Immunitea– immunity booster tea, Destresstea– a herbal tea for stress relief, Agilitea– a herbal tea for weight loss, Stabilitea– our Anti-Diabetic tea infusion, Detoxtea— herbal detox tea for cleansing the body, Digestea– herbal tea to aid digestion, and Coolingtea– which diminishes excess heat. With MyHerbea tea infusions, you can experience tea flavours to optimize your health and tingle your taste buds!