Pitta Dosha

The Pitta dosha is predominant in your basic nature. 

Pitta is the fire element. It is responsible for regulating the body temperature through the chemical transformation of food (governing digestion, absorption, assimilation, nutrition and metabolism), promoting vitality and appetite. You have a tendency to be assertive and determined, with a muscular body and a penetrating mind. As long as Pitta is balanced in your mind-body constitution, you will enjoy a strong appetite and digestive powers.

If the pitta is imbalanced, it can lead to anger and agitation, and may even cause burning disorders such as ulcers and inflammation. These are signals that you need to relax and spend time to cool down. To maintain a balance, meditation, massages and drinking cooling infusions such as rose, mint and lavender can help relax the body.

As you learn more about the qualities of each dosha, you’ll be able to recognize when an imbalance arises in your mind or body and take steps in your daily life to restore overall well-being.