COOLINGTEA | Sheetal (Diminishes Excess Heat)

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Calm your senses with this cooling herbal infusion.
Whether you are heated up due to a hot summer day or a stressful work morning, the Sheetal infusion blend is your gateway to a breezier, calmer moment. Packed with Ananta and Country Rose, this herbal tea helps alleviate Pitta dosha and has a cooling effect on the body.

Quantity Pack of 20 Tea Bags
Ships in 24 working hours Delivery in 2-7 Business Days
Additional Information
Weight 30 g
Dimensions 12.5 × 9.5 × 8 cm


Blood purifier, good for liver functions
cooling effect on body
Alleviates Pitta dosha
Good for skin complexion
Country Rose
It has a cooling effect on body systems
Alleviates pitta dosha in the body
Beneficial in bleeding piles
Helps to purify blood toxins

Customer Reviews (4.44)

(16 customer reviews)

16 reviews for COOLINGTEA | Sheetal (Diminishes Excess Heat)

  1. Sarvesh Gupta

    It was recommended to me by my dietitian and ever since I tasted this… I could not go back to any other green tea brand. It’s better to have a blend of different teas than plain green tea. This has the same effect in weight loss as any other. I have been using this since 2 months & this is my 4th pack.
    Packaging, taste and aroma are so so good.

  2. Aisha Tamboli

    Earlier mumma used to boil some rose petals and ananta and make it into medicine when anyone was suffering from heatstroke. Now we always keep a packet at home.

  3. Archana Divekar

    I tried lot of other brands like Tetley, liptop, typhoo green-teas I used to get too much burps. When I had this Greentea for the first time I saw being very healthy and energetic no burps for long, reduced tummy. People might be thinking I’m simply saying here these. I’m honestly saying this is the best medicinal and great taste green-tea. Great taste I say because I have experience of eating natural rose petals. I would suggest people to try this than going to other brands like lipton and others.

  4. Tejas Kumbhar

    One of the worst products I ever purchased. I had thought of reviewing this product on my Instagram account, but won’t be doing that as I did not like it at all. The tea has no flavour whatsoever.

  5. Sourabh Karanjavane

    We are tea lovers and we wanted the tea which gives us cooling effect in this Mumbai’s summer. thanks.

  6. Kanka Atre

    Thanks for this it was so nice I am fine now from body heat. It gives cooling effect in this hot summer.

  7. Dhananjay Pandit

    I follow a completely ayurvedic life style. i made this a prat of my routine and I am very happy. All the best.

  8. Raj Parekh

    Not great. Tastes bad. No smell at all.

  9. Purva Patekar

    i suffer from fever but i try this herbe.i felt some better….thank u alot….

  10. Maitri Bhatia

    At first I thought it was a little bland. But I consumed it with some honey and it tasted good.

  11. Heena Thakkar

    It’s really awesome. The taste is amazing. You will feel energetic after it. The colour of the tea is amazing and it has a very nice and mild smell. I personally like the taste and it definitely elevates my mood!! You have to make sure to add the right amount of water.
    Great product which is strongly recommended.

  12. Soumitra Dixit

    Ayurvedic medicine is really interesting, I’m sorry I have one question. What is recommended for autoimmune thyroid disease? Thank you, bless you

  13. Suwarna Deshpande

    Very tasty, my family loved it…..

  14. Madhur Sawant

    for how many day’s it should be drink .? and what time it should be take in a day

  15. Disha Fernandes

    I’m a black coffee person, never liked any green tea or herbal tea or any ayurvedic infusion. This is the tea that changed my perspective, perfect blend.

  16. manushi madan

    I am not a herbal tea lover still i love the flavor. I like to sip again n again and feel fresh to have it. Loved it. ???

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