DETOXTEA | Shuddhi (Cleanses Your Body)

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Cleanse your body of toxins with the help of our Shuddhi infusion.
The traditional Ayurvedic plants, Punarnava, Bhuiamla and Gokhur in this herbal tea rejuvenate your entire system by purifying toxins from the blood and liver; while lime and khus provide energy and have cooling effects on the body.

Quantity Pack of 20 Tea Bags
Ships in 24 working hours Delivery in 2-7 Business Days
Additional Information
Weight 30 g
Dimensions 12.5 × 9.5 × 8 cm


This infusion may cause weakness if consumed in excess quantity.


Helps to purify blood toxins
Good for cardiac diseases
Rejuvenating property
Helps reduce swelling

Improves digestion
Removes toxins through digestive system
Provides energy

Helps prevent liver inflammation
Removes toxins through the kidney
Used to treat kidney stones

Helps prevent inflammation
Cooling effects
Helps to purify blood toxins

Helps metabolise fat
Alleviates urinary tract infections
Helps to purify blood toxins

Diuretic properties

Customer Reviews (4.25)

(20 customer reviews)

20 reviews for DETOXTEA | Shuddhi (Cleanses Your Body)

  1. Nikita

    It has mild and good taste and value for money .

  2. Jasjit Rehal

    It’s soothing for the throat. Helps relax and rejuvenate at the same time.
    The flavour of Lime and Punarnava is very much evident.

  3. Cavin David

    It is a good product, but it’s favor is not so good to attract a person as per ad

  4. Shweta Julka

    Its superb, but very strong.
    I would like to alert all, please avoid drinking this tea on empty stomach, as it enhances acidity on a very fast pace.

  5. Ranjeet Kadam

    I generally drink green tea or kadha at times. Had been using ginger, garam masala and tulsi for my tea, but Once I got this I dnt hv to worry. It the same taste, and effortless. Just boil water n dip the satchet. And I feel great wenevr I use it. Herbea is a known brand and I can rely on. This product is amazing. Taste is different from general dip and colour looks like green tea. Amazing aroma. M gonna have it in my stock every time.

  6. Anuja Vaidya

    When it comes to our health Detoxtea – Shuddhi is the best cleanser booster. It makes me relief from any kinds of health related problems. Specially in this COVID-19 situation everyone should consume this ayurvedic tea for your protection against this covid. It is the best brand ever-Herbea. It is a special green tea which is made from 5 ayurvedic herbs-Punarnava, lime, khus, musta. As we all know they are really helpful herbs which has anti-bacterial properties. Kishmish also been added for your heart’s heath and to relief from fatigue. The flavour is too good to consume. Lime will help you destress because of its antioxidant property, Punarvana will boost your immune system, I suggest everyone to sip this special green tea twice a day. Instead of making it manually at home, buy and try this out at the earliest for your own benefits.

  7. Shankar S

    It really helps for inner body detoxification. I am feeling good.

  8. keya banerjee

    I am not a big fan of the green teas. They don’t taste good at all. Herbea also doesn’t taste good. But at least it doesn’t taste bad. Haha.

  9. Charlotte Smith

    I came across Herbea through Instagram. Initially, I was hesitant but I gave it a try as it was my birthday month and I wanted to start change my lifestyle. So far so good.

  10. Manisha Negi

    Have been a customer since long time.. the quality is so good..

  11. Shakun Mohini

    Infusion is nothing but a form of green tea. It is good that an ayurvedic professional has prepared it. It looks like it will have good ingredients.

  12. Ananda

    Sirra gal baat aa ji,, keep it up

  13. priyanka bhartia

    I am on intermitten fasting. This helps me get through my fasting period easily. I don’t know if it is herbea, or my fasting, but I am feeling very energetic and light.

  14. Kamaljit Singh

    Ayurveda is all about believing that you are getting better. Once your mind believes that, then the body starts healing itself automatically.

  15. Khushboo Sheikh

    Go for it! Have it for a regular 3 months and feel the change

  16. Gautam Shelar

    You’ll have to aquire the taste. But the purity of ayurveda is the reason iam having it regularly

  17. Meera Jain

    If you are really thinking about your health then go for it, don’t buy for taste

  18. Sneha Gade

    Today I receive it
    Tea smells good and teste amazing I really like it
    And packing was so good
    I want to buy another flavour

  19. Siddhi prakash

    It was very soothing to drink and just as it is written on the box, no brokens, no dust and no fannings. It was an absolutely amazing experience.

  20. Chintan

    I wish I had ordered more. I definitely will this time

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