AGILITEA | Lekhana (Helps Weight Loss)

(21 customer reviews)

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Weight management has a new best friend with this delicious herbal tea concoction! Triphala is a powerful herbal remedy that consists of Haritaki, Bibhitaki and amla, and is known for its incredible properties to cleanse the gastro-intestinal tract, boost metabolism and detoxify the body. At the same time, Ginger, Musta and Daruharidra, promote metabolism.

Quantity Pack of 20 Tea Bags
Ships in 24 working hours Delivery in 2-7 Business Days
Additional Information
Weight 30 g
Dimensions 12.5 × 9.5 × 8 cm


Have it once or twice daily with or after your meals. Be careful as this infusion may produce heat or gastric irritation with higher intake.


Cleanses gastro-intestinal tract by improving mobility of intestine
Good for metabolism of fats and triglycerides
Useful in eye diseases
Useful in body detoxification



Improves appetite and anorexia
Aids in metabolism of fat
Reduces blood cholesterol & triglycerides
Rich in antioxidants


Promotes metabolism of fat
Strengthens digestion without aggravating Pitta


Promote metabolism of fat
Reduces cholesterol level

Customer Reviews (3.57)

(21 customer reviews)

21 reviews for AGILITEA | Lekhana (Helps Weight Loss)

  1. Albertsnirm

    It is a pity, that now I can not express – there is no free time. I will return – I will necessarily express the opinion.

  2. Kanishka Mehta

    “I am very skeptical but fell in love with this tea the moment I opened the packing. Great tea with mixed herbs for body detoxification. That’s how I start my day and just can’t stop glowing! Must try for tea lovers.
    Packing can use some thought and work.”

  3. Janhavi Shinde

    The flavour is amazing. Steeping it for 4 minutes yields a strong but soothing flavour, and it’s worth every penny

  4. Sulekha Awate

    Love the taste – great way to start the day.

  5. Albertsnirm


  6. ChesterRic

    ))))))))))))))))))) it is matchless 😉

  7. Varsha Patankar

    The tea is so good, I almost invaded and colonized a country

  8. Suresh Potdar

    Flavour was to my liking.Had it without adding milk and sugar. Will also try other flavours available from this brand.

  9. Anand Pawar

    very very tasty n healthy green tea…there is no need to add anything…i luv the taste so much..go for it frnz…

  10. Shweta Kohinkar

    Well, I seriously don’t know how anybody can hate this because it’s so good and relaxing. I drink this without adding any sugar and it’s still very tasty.

  11. Laxmi Divekar

    Refreshing tea. Gentle light flavour

  12. Aarti Sharma

    There are far more better tisanes available

  13. Akriti Sinha

    too costly, not that great

  14. Jobin John

    As this green tea is little bit costly but I really love the taste…Mild taste and I used daily

  15. Shubham Mahapadi

    “One of the best flavour.
    Must try…”

  16. Wasim Shaikh

    The flavour, the packaging, the quality – everything is just brilliant! Love this! I’ve NEVER been a tea drinker (blasphemous, I know) but I’m absolutely obsessed with this.

  17. Madhuri Bhide

    I just bought because of the reviews, but honestly I didn’t like the taste at all ..

  18. Ashok Pokharkar

    No flavour of bergamont

  19. Purvi Nikam

    Honestly too weak a tea bag, would have liked the flavour to come out a bit stronger, this is a purchase I will not repeat

  20. Kanchan Biswas

    I have tried different brands and varieties of green tea as i include green tea in my daily routine. I am thinking of sticking to this brand infusion because it has a very rich and soothing taste. I add a little lemon and honey to it while preparing it. definitely a 5 star for me

  21. Jitendra Mane

    This is not a regular fancy green tea.
    This is really a special green tea to drink which have great mix of Indian herb and spices with a great ratio.
    I had 2 cups of this green tea . Amazing product

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