IMMUNITEA | Raksha (Improves Inner Strength)

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Give your body a natural immuno-boost with our Rakshā infusion.
This ancient herbal tea recipe has never been more in need than today. Our Raksha infusion has the healing properties of Tulsi, Gaduchi and Yashtimadhu. At the same time, Amla and Ashwagandha act as natural immunity boosters and also add a wonderfully invigorating sweet and sour flavour to your drink.

Quantity Pack of 20 Tea Bags
Ships in 24 working hours Delivery in 2-7 Business Days
Additional Information
Weight 30 g
Dimensions 12.5 × 9.5 × 8 cm


You can have the Rakshā infusion as much as you like. For best results, it is recommended that you have this herbal tea at least twice daily.


Strengthens immune system
Has a rejuvenating effect
Calming and soothing effect on brain
Helps fight against viral and bacterial infection

Alleviates Kapha dosha i.e. phlegm tendency
Improves health of the respiratory system
Helps anti-allergic activity
Improves immune system

Rich source of natural vitamin C
Immunity booster
Rich in antioxidants
Rejuvenates the body tissues

Immunity booster

Helpful in relieving fever
Relieves headaches
Strengthens immunity

Customer Reviews (4.50)

(36 customer reviews)

36 reviews for IMMUNITEA | Raksha (Improves Inner Strength)

  1. Deepa Vernekar

    It’s really awesome. Taste is amazing. You will feel energetic after it. The colour of the tea is amazing and it has a very nice and mild smell. I personally like the taste and it It definitely elevates my mood!!
    Great product which is strongly recommended.

  2. prasobh bhasi

    Nothing can bit the quality of Ayur veda.. Very good and useful.

  3. Codename Lost

    Some basic herbs packed in a tea bag. Tulsi kadha or turmeric milk is much better.

  4. Ramesh R

    Ayurveda is the best!

  5. Suniti Kakade

    We started consuming kadha regularly during the Covid pandemic. And it kept us reasonably well. However, it is difficult to find the kadha ingredients all the time. Hence, we replaced it with Immunitea. Quite happy with the result.

  6. Anu Vyas

    Whether it is a placebo effect, or it really works, I don’t know. But it definitely hasn’t had any negative impact. Good product.

  7. Pranav Kale

    Very good excellent recomended and value for money

  8. Nikita Malik

    Comes with Nice packing and fast delivery.

  9. Gautam Lapsiya

    Good product and taste well.

  10. Sales Yogi

    Very good tea and good flavor. Pricey but good tea.

  11. prasanjeet chaudhury

    The product is good.

  12. Shirish Hari

    Does it really improve your immunity? Who knows? Is there any clinical trial behind this claim?

  13. Jagadeesh Yadav

    Bad product. Tasteless. Feels like I am paying only for the packaging.

  14. Krishna Padmanabhan

    Big believer of Ayurveda. I can’t believe that there is someone who is carrying the tradition of Ayurveda forward for 11 generations.

  15. arul kumar

    I am not sure if it has any health benefits. But I drink it regularly.

  16. Janya Marwaha

    Super taste and lovely flavor

  17. Shbham Raj

    No tea can coverup a brand like Herbea. its a bit costly but totally worth the money

  18. Ronak Thakkar

    Very good product and packing . Delivery at time and great discount to purchase at

  19. Abhi Tadwalkar

    I loved the product. Purchased this several times. It has had an incredible effect on building my immunity. I will definitely recommend it to everyone.

  20. Ayur Ayur

    100% satisfaction after drinking it.

  21. Saksham Padhye

    Flavourful, smells good, taste better than other simipar range products.

  22. Aditya Rao

    I very much like it’s flavour. Morning freshness drink

  23. Abrar Atar

    Bought this online as it’s difficult to find in local shops and supermarkets in my area. Product is original and quality is good as expected.

  24. Kunwar Kshitij Singh

    Delivered on time and product quantity is nice. Love this tea smell and taste..

  25. Amey Kulkarni

    I order regularly, but every time I think that Herbea should have been cheaper. But I keep ordering because there isn’t a better option available.

  26. Tejas Pandhe

    Unlike green tea, which has quite a strong taste, the taste of this product is very neutral or even bland. Easier to adapt than green tea.

  27. Aditi Joshi

    माझे आई बाबा दीक्षित diet follow करतात. त्यांच्या दुपारच्या च्या चहा ची सवय Herbea मुळे गेली.

  28. Ankit Kumar

    I ordered 20 tea bags for Rs 400, which I thought was very expensive. But when it arrived, I loved the packaging and the product. I wish it was a little less expensive. But a good product none the less.

  29. Disha Fernandes

    With the WFH culture, I had grown addicted to coffee. I started getting a lot of acidity and decided to replace my coffee habit with Immunitea. I am very satisfied.

  30. Kamlesh Biswas

    At first, I thought this was a little on the expensive side. But I am glad I tried it. I see a noteable difference between how I feel now.

  31. Akshay Kulkarni

    100% Worth The Money. You can feel the excellent quality ingredients being used. I have made it a part of my daily routine.

  32. Nitya Prakash

    Tastes okayish, but obviously you’ll need have it for its health benefits, not for taste.

  33. Anuj Sharma

    I bought the IMMUNITEA for my parents who just love it! They make it every morning instead of coffee and are already on my case for more!

  34. Harshal Jadhav

    I’m so thankful for Herbea – immunitea. I was looking for a healthy tea to benefit my immune system and came across this one. The taste is so good and it’s been the perfect addition to my day! The throat lozenge is also really helpful during those cold days when I have no voice left.

  35. Shalini Iyyer

    Guys go get you stock before it gets over or you will regret not buying it Not a fan of its taste, but believe me nothing can beat Ayurveda when it comes to healthy living

  36. Milind kashtekar

    I never thought this ingredients would taste so better

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