DESTRESSTEA | Shantam (Helps Relax Your Mind)

(21 customer reviews)

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World off. Zen mode on. This invigorating infusion is a great way to help relax and re-energise the mind after a busy day. Consisting of well-known herbs, Bramhi and Shankhapushpi, this herbal tea helps reduce stress levels by inhibiting cortisol, while Cardamom, Jatamansi and Yashtimadhi are known to soothe the mind with their antioxidant properties.

Quantity Pack of 20 Tea Bags
Ships in 24 working hours Delivery in 2-7 Business Days
Additional Information
Weight 30 g
Dimensions 12.5 × 9.5 × 8 cm


Reduces stress level
Well known tonic for the brain & nervous system.
Improves sleep

Good for respiratory tract due to soothing effect
Good for digestion
Soothing effect on CNS
Antioxidant and diuretic properties lowers blood pressure
Reduces cortisol levels
Provides relief from chronic headaches, tension
Soothes irritated nerves, calms the brain, and improves nerve function
Stress modulating antioxidant effect
Treats insomnia
Helps depression
Helpful in relieving headache and fever

Customer Reviews (4.62)

(21 customer reviews)

21 reviews for DESTRESSTEA | Shantam (Helps Relax Your Mind)

  1. Neha Chavan

    “Best quality tea that you can expect in tea bag available in India…
    Truly world class quality..”

  2. Alisha Pathan

    Excellent flavor and quality

  3. Jesica Gonsalves

    Very little flavour . Quite ordinary but not bad .

  4. Nilesh Gaikwad

    Product is awesome. Tea flavour is nice. Pricing is on higher side. Else it is a very good product.

  5. Awaiz Sayyed

    Bramhi flavor really comes out nice. I just loved the aroma after I brew it early morning.

  6. Brijesh Kumar

    Like it very much. This is world best tea you must try. Don’t understand why such a tea has not been known to other countries

  7. Sneha Kadam

    I have been on green tea since more then a decade. This is the finest green tea I have ever had.
    So smooth. So fine.

  8. Vibha

    Very nice product. Taste is very good… Very smooth. Also the tea bags are non plastic and without staple pins.
    That’s very nice and healthy.
    Price is about too high

  9. Sanjay S

    I can’t believe how clean tasting this tea is! The flavor is seriously out of this world and I love having a cup daily to relax. I want to buy this again and again!!

  10. Aman Sheikh

    Excellent product and nice packaging – quite innovative – the tea is really special and meant for those who love their tea without milk or sugar. At best add a little honey if you must!

  11. Manish jha

    I prefer a soft blend of the green tea, this has a bitter taste. Packing of course is superb is the taste would be to then it would be great

  12. Amruta Mane

    Lovely authentic green tea after a long time ….. I wish to have it in loose leaves also !

  13. vedija sane

    I didnt knew I could taste a simple green tea favour of honey and lemon in such a different way this one really tastes great

  14. Sarika Mhatre

    Love the flavours, especially since I don’t like my tea very strong. Also love that I don’t need to add any sugar or honey. The packaging is convenient if you want to carry the teabags with you and easy to dispose after use.

  15. Abhinav Anand

    I love this tea, it’s a “full of flavor clear as water tea”. I’m enjoying it immensely & I’ve bought more as gifts too. A total delight.

  16. Ramachandran S

    I am a tea explorer and keep trying and experimenting with different brands. What struck me about this one is how beautifully they’ve carved their story and those tales behind tea picking and packing into the product. How mindful they’ve been about the environment. It not only looks but even feels great to be using their assorted collection.

  17. Piyush Sanklecha

    Good to start with this green tea, its taste is good. Sometime I add honey into it.

  18. Saroj koul

    Better than lipton green tea

  19. Rutuja Saini

    Iam having this from past 3 weeks.
    You’ll have to develop the taste for this drink. I add a spoon of honey to make it a bit tastier.
    But one thing I can say for sure, if you think you are stressing out more, this drink will help you out there. Nothing can beat Ayurveda when you are thinking about your health

  20. Roshni Patil

    I get tense all the time. I work long hours at the office and when I get home I just want to relax. The worst part is that my stress manifests in my body in headaches, muscle pain, allergies and high blood pressure. However, this tea has helped me so much! It’s really refreshing and it even helps calm me down when I’m on edge.

  21. Shubhas Sharma

    Having this infusion from the past 3 weeks. I must say that I have not regretted it at all. All I can say is the best infusion I ever had. I will stick to your brand from now on. Nothing can beat the purity of Ayurveda.

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